You deserve to LIVE as your optimal self

Life is better when you live tension free. 
In today's world, that can be tough.
NetworkSpinal can help you unwind the momentum that's causing dis-ease so you can feel like the best version of yourself.

With NetworkSpinal there is no snap, crackle, pop or equipment used to adjust! 

How It Works

All adjusting is done by hand with gentle contacts along the spine and body. These contacts teach your body the language of reorganizational healing by restoring connection between your nervous system and body. 

This allows your nervous system to release stored tension and stress. 

Your nervous system tells your muscles what to do and your muscles move your bones. 

When you start by removing tension from the nervous system the body can remove tension, relax the muscles and self-adjust as the bones move back into place on their own. 

Imagine a life with more ease

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Shift Can Happen for You

When you are faced with physical, mental, emotional and chemical stressors in your life, you body with always work to overcome these obstacles. Often times, the burden of these stressors outweighs the body's ability to adapt. When overwhelmed or overburdened, tension builds up in your system causing things to not work so great. Similar to trying to move quickly through traffic caused by road work. Eventually you will get where you need to go, yet it is not in the fashion that you normally expect.

NetworkSpinal is a neurologically based chiropractic technique that allows your body to learn how to unwind nervous system tension so that you can heal more efficiently and live with more ease! Even if you have been stuck for awhile, this care may help you find the chemical, mental, physical or emotional relief that you've been looking for because it starts with the root of your being, your brain and nerves.

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