Who is Dr. Al?

 Dr. Alexandra graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in December, 2020. Before Sherman, she attended Keene State College to earn her Bachelors of Science in Health Science with a focus in Nutrition. ​​

Like many providers in the profession, chiropractic found Dr. Al! When she was in high school she suffered from a reoccurring sports injury that left her debilitated with knee and low back pain. Her medical doctor kept prescribing muscle relaxers and rest, as if eventually the combination of treating the symptoms may actually help the issue resolve. Eventually, she decided to look elsewhere for help. 

After seeing a chiropractor she realized that things are not always as they seem. When given the proper opportunity our bodies can heal and find ease. It took time and regular care for Dr. Al to feel her best again, but after her first adjustment she felt such a shift that she knew she would be a chiropractor one day. 

Sherman College gave Dr. Al the opportunities and support to continue her holistic outlook on life while receiving an amazing education on chiropractic care, the profession and the human body. Here Dr. Al was exposed to the beautiful and intricate technique, NetworkSpinal, which is neurologically focused (focused on your brain and nerves, not bones that are our of place) and was safe to preform on anyone. Once discovering this technique is was full steam ahead learning the art, science and philosophy while also learning the supporting techniques, such as Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), a breathing technique. 

Dr. Al says, "After receiving this technique myself and experiencing the life changes that go hand in hand with care, there is no other way that I would choose to serve the people." 

For more information and to see where Dr. Al 's evolution, check out her Instagram @dr.alyourchiropal or blog Align the Spine. 

Our family-run business company has a long tradition in the industry. It was founded in 1982 by Joey Lord, who passed the business onto his son, Roberto, in 2005. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to order to guarantee that all of our clients are 100% satisfied.

Mission, Vision, Purpose

To help all generations live interference free & authentically. 

At Shifting Tides, we're here to inspire you in Portsmouth and the Seacoast communities to live your best life—interference-free. 

Picture a vibrant community, where you thrive with a clear and resilient nervous system, guided by NetworkSpinal's reorganizational healing modalities. We're dedicated to providing a safe, expressive space for you to be your best self. 

As a beacon of health consciousness, our goal is to elevate our community and inspire wellness in you, other communities, and future generations.


To inspire you to live your best life, interference-free, through NetworkSpinal and reorganizational healing.


Thriving individuals with clear, resilient nervous systems, creating a vibrant, health-conscious community in Portsmouth and beyond.


To empower individuals on a transformative journey towards optimal health, authenticity, and vitality, fostering a safe and expressive community.





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